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Validator Regex has errors on remote server but not on local server with _exact_ same code

I apologize if this is not the correct category.

I am experiencing a VERY strange problem:

On the remote server all checks by the Regex (Validation/validator) fails - always, it doesn't matter if there is any text in the relevant fields or not. On the local server all Regex checks work as expected and only fail when they are supposed to.

The remote and the local site are exact equal. The code is checked in/out with git. I even downloaded the remote site and did a diff comparison - there are no differences between the remote and local.

In the database on the remote server I can see that objects have been successfully created at least as late as 2016-05-19. It's a very low activity site so it's entirely possible that the first failed attempt is mine (last week) I discovered the issue Saturday 3rd September 2016.

Version info (same for both sites)

Ubuntu 14.04

php: 5.6.23

phalcon 2.0.11

zephyr 0.9.2a-dev

php.ini - only difference I can see may have an impact is that intl.so is installed on my local server not on the remote.

The main point: Validation/validator Regex worked correctly on the remote server at least until 19th May 2016. It stopped working correctly sometime between that date and last week. It still works correctly on the local server, the two code bases are exactly the same

Do any of you have an idea what I should be looking for?


Do you have any messages in the logs - mainly web server?
In any case I would suggest you to restart the application server first + web server, and if that does not help reboot entire machine.

One thing comes up on my mind - did you (or someone else who is in charge for maintenance of the server) updated packages? Recently there's been a few updates for libpcre3(-dev), but that should not break your Regex.

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Though I haven't tested it yet I'm pretty sure it's libpcre. On the server I have Ondrej's latest PPA version, on the laptop I have an earlier version. Will update the local version as soon as I find the right approach - the PPA structure has changed substantially in recent months. I followed the new structure on the server but not on my laptop - apparently.