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Is there a setRelated() like method on a model object?

In case, it save all related objects with one save() called. But I use namespaces in models, It can't get or set related objects by magic method. There is a method named getRelated that can get related objects. oppositely , is there a setRelated method and works with the save() method?


You can alias the relations to make them more friendly to work with:


namespace Store\Models;

class Robots extends Phalcon\Mvc\Model
    public funciton initialize()
        $this->hasMany('id', 'Store\Models\RobotsParts', 'robots_id', array(
            'alias' => 'robotsParts'

Then, you can use the alias to get/set related records:

$robotParts = $robot->robotParts;
$robotParts = $robot->getRobotParts();


Great. Thanks a lot. ;-)