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How to delete Relationships between models Many To Many

I was created model as manyToMany like this

              array('alias' => 'places')

On update entity after

  $banner->places = $places;
  $banner->save();// or ->update

The old relationships not deleted. If i try delete before save all data like

 foreach($banner->places as $place){

Phalcon tried to delete "place" that related also to an anather model instead of to delete relationship. How delete only relationships?

edited Sep '16
$placesIds = [1, 2, 3, 4];
$bannerPlaces = BannerSitePlace::find([
    'conditions' => 'banner_id = :id: AND site_place_id IN ({placesIds:array})',
    'bind' => [
        'id' => $id,
        'placesIds' => $placesIds

Easier can be just add hasMany relation with alias bannerPlaces. And then just $banner->bannerPlaces->delete();


was added

$this->hasMany('id', 'BannerSitePlace', 'banner_id', array('alias' => 'BannerSitePlaces'));

and get error

Model 'BannerSitePlace' could not be loaded

Delete by find get error

A primary key must be defined in the model in order to perform the operation

Because you forgot an namespace - Vokuro\Models\BannerSitePlace. Well looks like just Vokuro\Models\BannerSitePlace don't have primiary key - add it then.


all work in two ways after added primary autoincrement key