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Change already defined service


I'd like to change a shared service on the fly, after being already resolved.

For eg:

$user1 = User::findFirstById(1);
$this->getDI()->setShared('user', $user1);
var_dump($this->getDI()->has('user')); // true
var_dump($this->user->getId()); // 1
var_dump($this->getDI()->has('user')); // false
$user2 = User::findFirstById(2);
$this->getDI()->setShared('user', $user2);
var_dump($this->getDI()->has('user')); // true
var_dump($this->user->getId()); // 1 !!!

As you can see, even though removing and setting a new definition, it still returns the id of the first set user.

Any help/advice is appreciated!

EDIT: Since then I've tried setRaw("user", new Service("user", $user2, true)) to no avail

Use better complex registration


// Change the service class name

// Change the first parameter without instantiating the logger
        "type"  => "parameter",
        "value" => "../apps/logs/error.log",

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What is $this ? If it's class extending Injectable(like controller) then you need to do unset($this->user) too.

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Thank you @Jurigag that was exactly the problem.

I guess this means that if i use this (user) service in another component, it has to be unset there too before access...

This is what's going on here. You can just access user directly from di, not using magic property.

Yes, that occured to me too :]

for reference:

// change user service as before
$correctId = $this-getDI()->get('user')->getId();