Beanstalk Queue


It seems list tube/queue method is not implemented to check the list of tube/queue as per below phalcon doc.

Can a senior developer add a method under Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk so that we can see available tube/queue?

Reason: Because i want to itrate round robin between tubes/queues.

If that is not possible, should i compile beanstalk c extension seprately in my php and make an object and use it as per below url.

Please suggest.

Thank in advance.

Regards Tapan Thapa

Any suggestion/clue???

If you need a new feature / method to be added t one of phalcon class, you can submit an NFR to the phalcon github repo. Please read

Hi jeffreycahyono,

Late response from community means that framework community is encouraging us to look deep inside framework before asking questions.... :-)

Now i am using phalcon/incubator and there we have a class called Extended.php (incubator / Library / Phalcon / Queue / Beanstalk / Extended.php) provided by any senior guy.

I don't know if we should implement these required methods (listTube and ignoreTube) under provided library (Default framework) or we should keep using Extended.php available under incubator.

Today i have added one new method under Extended.php (ignoreTube method as it was not there) and send a pull request to brach master for review and merge.

Let see, how it goes.

Thanks for your comment.

Regards Tapan Thapa