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Fatal error: Phalcon\Mvc\View\Engine\Volt\Compiler::attributeReader(): Maximum recursion depth exceeded


I am getting this error on my server out of the blue (on my local computer it is working fine under Apache2 and nginx). I am using NGINX on the server.

Do anyone knows what is needed to change to make it work?

Issue is here:

In the template I am using "widget" for menu

{{ widgets.renderTopMenu() }}

This is handled by:

class Widgets extends \Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component
    protected function tmplRender($tmpl)
        //render $tmpl.volt stored in /views/widgets/$tmpl.vol
        $this->view->render('widgets',$tmpl); // <-- here the cycle happens
        return $this->view->getContent();

    public function renderTopMenu()
        $menu = array ....;
        $this->view->setVar('menu', $menu);
        return $this->tmplRender('top-menu');

Thank you for your help!


This probably means you have a recursive function causing this error. Maybe:

$this->view->render('widgets',$tmpl); //this is rendering widgets too

I am not sure with recursion here as it working on local and was working also on the server yesterday...

this row is only one which is rendering something


and the result is just catched and returned via $this->view->getContent();

Problem is there also when template 'top-menu.volt' is empty so there should not be problem inside template.

I will try some remote debugging if it will be possible.


Solved - but I really don't know the reason...

I deleted all templates where I made changes yesterday from server (not top-menu template). Then it started to work normally. After uploading them back it still works.

I also tried to clear cache dir several times without but it didn't helped.