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Debug Component doesn't work.

I have set this in my bootstrap file:

$listener = new \Phalcon\Debug();

However, when I start the application I don't see any difference. I have made the following to generate an error in my index method of my index controller:

public function indexAction() {
        $recentPackages = Package::find(1,2,3,
                        "order" => "updated DESC",
                        "limit" => 10)
        $this->view->setVar("recentPackages", $recentPackages);

This generates a white page with the text

Wrong number of parameters

I can't seem to get any real error display. All errors with the framework seem to be of this format, without saying where anything occurred. I am on phalcon 1.2.4. Is there something that I am doing wrong?



You have to remove the try/catch from your public/index.php

Thanks. That worked!