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afterExecuteRoute does not get called in Micro app


I'm having some problems with my Micro app. The documentation states:

"An instantiated controller automatically acts as a listener for dispatch events, so you can implement methods as callbacks:"

However, when I implement that function into my controller, it does not get called. Is this a limitation of the micro app or am I doing something wrong?

Controller function:

     * Changed output to valid JSON
     * @param \Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher $dispatcher
    public function afterExecuteRoute(\Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher $dispatcher)
        echo "test";

        $this->response->setContentType('application/json', 'UTF-8');

        $data = $dispatcher->getReturnedValue();

        if (is_array($data))
            $this->response->setStatusCode(500, "Internal Server Error");
            $this->response->setJsonContent(array("status" => "ERROR"));


To setup my dispatcher in the Micro bootstrap file:

    //Setup dispatcher
    $di->set('dispatcher', function(){

        //Create an event manager
        $eventsManager = new EventsManager();

        $dispatcher = new MvcDispatcher();

        //Bind the eventsManager to the view component

        return $dispatcher;

    }, true);


Micro Applications does not have a dispatcher, you may want to check the micro-apps middleware: