Phalcon Framework for eCommerce

I guess there is a lot of experienced Phalcon Framework developers here. Can I ask if you think Phalcon Framework is reqady for commercial web sites? We are developing eCommerce services, would it be safe develop it in Phalcon? In terms of features, continued development and support?


edited Oct '16

I would say big yes. We're also considering to develop large scale eCommerce solution with Phalcon (if the project would be signed... :) ) Just take a look at other ready solutions like Magento2. That's hell.

And the question is not strictly bound to the Phalcon, but it's more a question of a decision whenever to develop such solution from scratch or not. If you're sure you want that, Phalcon will be of a great help for sure.

Even if you develop views or not - we would go for a separate view component/app (Angular or so), so middleware programming is that what it is like in any core business.

I worked with magento 1.9 and is a monster consuming resources, make an e-commerce With Phalcon would be very good.!

Hi there!, I've made a few e-shops using Phalcon for customers and they are working very well. Remeber that not every hosting is offering a Phalcon extension, so it's sometimes a limit.