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Phalcon with AngularJS 2: Is it a good idea?

I am learning Phalcon, and I am just wondering if is it a good idea to use AngularJS 2 with it.

Yes, why not? Just make a Rest Api on top of Phalcon and you will be good to go!

Here is the Phalcon Rest tutorial.

Just my all time favourite note about javascript frontend frameworks: if you are building a website which needs to be SEO friendly, than stick with volt, because you need additional efforts to make javascript generated content indexed by search engines. Trust me, had to deal with it and it was not a plesent task :)

You don't need to do anything with google and angular or other javascript generated content :)

@Wojciech, had two clients with angular websites which didnt even index properly, not to mention problems with social sharing. Just try to paste a link from angular website into facebook status box - disaster. Maybe I'm missing something that makes angular websites life easier, but until now I only had bad experience with it :)

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I told you - i mean google engine and and javascript generated content - here you don't need to do anything :)

Google search engine parses all javascript, nothing to do here pretty much :)

I have angular website which is indexed 100% properly, even without sitemap, expect there is lazy loading in one place and this obviously don't work because google don't know how t scroll :P

For example here - here I did nothing about rendering page server side for search engines, google handles it without any problem.

Sadly Google isnt the only serch engine, also the other problems that i mentioned make clients cry at you = more stress :)

Right now my client don't cry at me :D