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My thinking: Do it together for everyone

After some thinkings why sometimes we do something wrong and why users are more and more unpleased with the framework lately, I came to the conclusion that:

Sometimes there appears a bright star in the society – a man who shouts out about what we should do or what we shouldn't. I call him a bright star because he appears brightly, attracts all the attention and disappears in the same way. He makes a lot of noise, motivates people to think another way, and then just disappears.

Sometimes there appear several people in the society who are trying to bring in serious changes, breaking backward compatibility. These people do not bother to write documentation. The old documentation isn’t actual any more, but the new one isn’t written. Besides, our translations become out-of-date.

Sometimes people do something new well, even breaking backward compatibility, they write documentation (or ask somebody else to do it), but at the same time they spoil productivity. After this the whole team and community are incommoded a few versions in a row, trying to understand what had happened. But still, the framework worked badly some time.

Sometimes people are trying to solve their own issue only, concerning their blog, site, shop, hobby (sometimes it's not even an issue). But these people do not think that there are many other people apart those thousands who liked us on GitHub, there are thousands more who don't even know neither what is GitHub, nor that we have a forum or other place where changes can be discussed. Think, for instance, of corporate sector. They still use Phalcon 1.3 there.

Sometimes people are trying to take experience of other frameworks. They just copy somebody else's decision (keeping our copyright), not even thinking about the entire framework design.

Generally speaking, I think that the more all of us will discuss such things, the better it will be for all of us. We can't guess the wishes of those who don't reveal their position. But at least we can try to avoid turning into a framework convenient only for a handful of people who will still disappear, as soon as they will find something more interesting.

Please, before you make a decision that Phalcon has to change – talk about this with somebody else. Somebody who can argue with you. For truth is born of arguments.

Well, in PR we can always discuss already code about change. Sometimes people can't tell what the real reason behind change or something and it's easier for them if they will just show code and we can comment it etc things.