Method 'GetLast' not found in Model

Im new to phalconphp and know the basics about php, im trying to learn phalconphp because it's awesome. I read through some documentation and followed a few tutorials. I made myself a skeleton with use of the tutorial but now something is driving me crazy.

I tried to use model::getLast(); but it doesn't work. Whenever I use Model::findFirst(); it works correctly but when I try to use model::getLast(); the word "getLast" gets marked and it says the following: "Method 'GetLast' not found in Model" "Referenced method is not found in subject class". (using phpstorm)

I have downloaded the latest phalcon devtools and installed it as an external library. Maybe im missing something but I find it odd that findfirst is working and getlast isn't. I Hope I gave enough information about my problem since im pretty new to this.

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There is just no such method. What exactly getLast means ? findFirst is just for selecting ONE item. It's just results Model class, find is for returning resultset - object way of storing array in phalcon. What is supposed getLast to do ?


Sorry stupid mistake I didnt mean model::getLast(); but I meant the following:

        $tekstID = teksten::find();

getLast is to get the last record in the resultset as a row

whenever I try to use the find/getlast, getLast() gets marked and it tells me:

"Method 'getLast' not found in Phalcon\Mvc\Resultsetinterface" "Referenced method is not found in subject class"

I wanted to get the last inserted ID from a table, I already solved it with the following code:

    $tekstID = teksten::find(array('order'=>'id DESC', 'limit'=>1));

    foreach ($tekstID as $value) {
        $this->view->tekstID = $value->teksten;

but if anyone knows why getLast doesnt work, I think I oversee something or maybe forgot to use something.

        $tekstID = teksten::find();

This is very bad syntax ! It will select ALL RECORDS from teksten table. Your second way is correct. But use just findfirst like this:

$tekstID = teksten::findFirst(['order'=>'id DESC']);
$this->view->tekstID = $value->teksten;

Also read docs :) Don't know though why getLast is not working, what phalcon version yo use ?