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URL and Tag inconsistency

Hi, Just started using phalcon and am having some trouble understanding how to generating urls. First, my goal is to have a url like this:

using the url service I can create the url as expected by:

$url->get('project/overview', array('pid'=>13));
// output:

The documentation says internally Tag::linkTo uses Phalcon\Mvc\Url to generate the url. However, Tag::linkTo() doesnt seem to support arrays the same as Url::get(). Arrays in Tag::linkTo() seem to only work for either named routes (using a nested array) or simple array('route', 'text'). How can I generate a url like above using linkTo? I could manually do

Tag::linkTo("project/overview?pid=13", "Project 13")

But then I have to construct the route myself. Also, prefixing the route with a "/" seems to behave differently in Tag::linkTo and Url::get(). Am I missing something?

For the routes and slashes try adding this to fix end of line slashes: php$router->removeExtraSlashes(true);


Jesse thanks for the tip, However I was say referring to the the prefix: /project/overview vs project/overview.

To clarify, what im referring to is reverse routing: building a url based on defined (or default) routes and creating a url string with appended $_GET vars. Url::get() seems to do this correctly, but Tag::linkTo() doesn't seem to have that ability unless its a named route. Looking through the sample application code, it seems people are doing one of two things:

$pid = 13
\\ 1:
<a href="<?php $this->url->get( array('project/overview', 'pid'=>$pid)); ?>">Project 13</a>

\\ 2:
$this->tag->linkTo('project/overview?pid=' . $pid, 'Project 13'); 

So either they are manually building the <a> element and using $url->get() for the href attribute, or they are using linkTo with a string. Correct me if I'm wrong, but would the string even be handled by the reverse router? For example, would /project/overview?pid=13 be changed to /project/overview/13 if routes were defined that way?


So the "/" inconsistency seems to be caused by having baseUri set to "/" in the router. Having $router->setBaseUri("") to an empty string seems to solve that problem.


How to solve this problem

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@ikphp, unfortunately, I dont think theres a way to use Tag::linkTo and Url::get with the type of array argument I listed above. The "/" issue can be easily solved by setting Url::setBaseUri(""). In dependency injector it would look like this:

$di->set('url', function() {
    $url = new \Phalcon\Mvc\Url();
    return $url;
}, TRUE);

Or just $url->setBaseUri("") in your specific view I believe would override the default behavior.