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Front End Designer/Developer Looking at Phalcon :)

Hello Phalconers!

I'm part of a team doing various PHP projects and it drives me nuts having to deal with different PHP coding standards, methods and styles working on a team project, especially if it comes to upgrading the apps or writing in extra features.

Short story - I'm know enforcing where ever I can from a project lead side that we all stick to one way of cooking it! At least to follow a MVC approach, but then I discovered Phalcon and it's SPEED. That enough to convince any lazy ass vanilla dev to look at this framework.

So, well done to Phalcon and I know we'll be developing some major kick ass apps!

Welcome to the community! Hopefully the standards bit will be getting easier as most of the big frameworks (including Phalcon) have come together to make the PSR standards (https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards). Most of the frameworks have also started shifting to a DISE (Dependency injection, Services, Events) style of putting together apps.

Welcome aboard! ;)