Public/ Return a Empty Page in Local Environment

I'm trying to run a project on the local environment and access the url of the project, even though it already has all cedenciales database and URI, the returns in [localhost / appName / public /], one page empty.

when I write

[var_dump (echo $ application-> handle () -> getContent ());]

this, the only thing that returns is a [String (0) ""]

Phalcon Version 3.0.1 phpversion 5.4 Windows 8


edited Oct '16

PHP 5.4?! That's not supported at all. Read info about Phalcon 3.0.x.

PHP 5.3 and 5.4 are fully deprecated.

The Phalcon team takes security very seriously and thus have decided to provide support to PHP versions that are supported. As of 3.0, PHP 5.3 and 5.4 will be deprecated. We are making a small exception to this rule and will continue to support 5.5 for a little while, but since its support has expired a few days ago, it will too be deprecated in a future release.