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Can Resultset be changed? Can I create one Resultset object and add some object into it?

I use $orders =Orders::find () and get one Resultset object: $orders. I loop it like this and I try to update the $order object. $orders->rewind(); while ($orders->valid()) { $order= $orders->current(); echo $order->code, "\n"; $order->code = "xx"; $orders->next(); }

But it didn't take effect. Anyone who can tell me how can I do that? Thanks in advance.

edited Mar '14

Because the field properties that are mirror fields of the record data are protected. And you used very hard code, better use foreach

foreach ( $orders as $order ) {
    echo $order->code;

I found the way to modify instance in Resultset: public function afterFetch() { //Convert the string to an array $this->status = explode(',', $this->status); }

Reference from official document: "You can implement the method ‘afterFetch’ in a model, this event will be executed just after create the instance and assign the data to it:"


Of course