Redis cache backend disadvantage


why in this class is strictly used "_PHCR" prefix? why in "specialKey" stores all keys?

Actually redis has its own method to get all the keys

$redis = new \Redis(); $keys = $redis->keys($pattern);

It looks as if the class simply copied from memcache.zep, but does not use the features of the Redis

edited Nov '16

You can disable _PHCR key. That's what I do for libMemcached.

'statsKey' => null //This is MANDATORY to be defined as null or empty string if you don't want to store all keys under global shared key
  1. if i disable statsKey i would not be able to use queryKeys method

  2. The "_PHCR" prefix concatenated to keys anyway, in all methods


Will bring this topic alive :) Yes, Redis have scan functionality also with patterns. So, why Phalcon still uses statsKey logic?

Problem - I want fast Redis, but still needed to query keys (Docker cluster of Phalcon containers using one Redis)