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[Solved] Performance

Just curious, will have more than 10 Modules affect performance on the app?

I'm currently having a debate on whether to load modules and take care of loading namespace there or loading via global namespace.

Via modules:

    'foo' => [...],
    'bar' => [...],
    'baz' => [...],
    'qux' => [...],

Via namespace:

    'App\Controller' => '/path/to/app/controller/',
    'App\Model'      => '/path/to/app/model/',
    'Foo\Controller' => '/path/to/foo/controller/',
    'Foo\Model'      => '/path/to/foo/model/',
    'Bar\Controller' => '/path/to/bar/controller/',
    'Bar\Model'      => '/path/to/bar/controller/',
    '....'           => '/you/get/the/point/'

What do you say ?

edited Mar '14

If you have structure like :

|______Foo (module)
|______Bar (module)
|______Any (module)

you can use one global namespace

    'Acme' => '/path/to/Acme/'

Phalcon support PSR-0

Well, that was embarrassing! Thank you Oleg.