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Can we add or edit functionality in core Phalcon framework

Hi Group,

Phalcon seems really very interesting and I am thinking to use in my next project.

Project would be quite big with news feed , chat and eCommerce etc.

I am just wondering can we add or edit Phalocon core framework in C if we would have such requirements in later phase of project.

Thank so you much for such great Framework, truly out of box thinking :)

I would really appreciate help or comment on this.

Thanks, Sachin Sharma



If you are talking about functionality that will be permanently in the framework, this usually gets discussed with the community and voted on and then added if necessary to the actual framework. For instance there was a discussion a while back about Phalcon\Mail and we voted on it and opted not to develop such a thing in the framework.

When Phalcon 2.0 is released, it will be written completely with Zephir our new language that allows developers to write C code with a PHP/Javascript syntax, and is specifically targeted for PHP extensions.

At that point you can use Zephir to develop any additional functionality you want for your own project.

So the bottom line is: If you want something to be done, you can open an issue as a NFR (New Feature Request). If the community likes it and wants it and if it will add value to the framework it will be developed for sure.