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How to properly use radio_field set ?

I'm attempting to populate a radio field's value from the controller but it doesn't seem to work as expected.

In my controller action:

$search_in = $this->request->get('search_in','string','all');
\Phalcon\Tag::setDefault("search_in", $search_in);

In my volt view I have:

{{ radio_field('search_in_label', 'name':'search_in', 'value':'label') }}
{{ radio_field('search_in_address', 'name':'search_in', 'value':'address') }}
{{ radio_field('search_in_all', 'name':'search_in', 'value':'all') }}

I have to set the id, name and value separately to produce the HTML needed to 'link' the radio fields. Unfortunately this seems to cause the template rendering to get confused; it seems the rendering of a 'checked' value is based on the 'id', rather than the 'name' of the form field.

The documentation does not provide any examples for radio_field() so I'm not quite sure if I'm using it correctly.

I'm using Phalcon v1.2.5.

Any thoughts?


Figured it out. This works.

{{ radio_field('search_in', 'value':'label','id':'search_in_label') }}
{{ radio_field('search_in', 'value':'address','id':'search_in_address') }}
{{ radio_field('search_in', 'value':'all','id':'search_in_all') }}

Basically you override the id attribute instead of the name attribute, and set the value attribute explicitly (otherwise it's always set to the value of $search_in, and all elements are marked as 'checked').