How to set empty value in drop-down box in volt.

i want to set the following as default thing for the drop down..<option value="" selected="">Wallet Types</option> for this i have tried the follwing... $value = new Select('name[]', Value::find("[is_active] = 1"), array( 'using' => array('id', 'value_name'), 'multiple' => 'multiple', 'emptyText' => 'Wallet Type', 'emptyValue' => '', 'selected'=>"", )); //->emptyText('Wallet Type'); $value->setAttribute('id', 'valuetypes'); $value->setLabel('Wallet Type'); //$wallet->setEmpty('',''); $this->add($value);

How to do this???

$products = Products::find("type = 'vegetables'");

// Creating a Select Tag with an empty option
echo $this->tag->select(
        "using"    => [
        "useEmpty" => true,