[Solved] Compile Errors with phalcon 2 and zephir generate

I'm trying to compile to compile phalcon 2 and there seems to be 2 different installation instructions. Neither seem to work for me. When using zephir generate I get a slew of Warnings like "Function xxxx does not exist at compile time" before finally getting: CompilerException: Class 'Imagick' does not implement method: 'setColorspace'

On the blog it says to cd into ext and run ./install-test

That seems to compile fine, but when including the extension I get something like "undefined symbol phalcon_jsmin" and that it cannot load phalcon.so

Any advice? Thanks!


Hi, could you please try again?


Thanks, It seems to compile fine now. It didn't move the extension anywhere though. Is it supposed to? Anyway, Phalcon\Version::get() now reports 200 Alpha 1

On a side note, on a clean CentOS minimum install libtool was also required