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Email confirmations and forget password


I need to make email confirmations after user create and forget password option. Im low on time and need some fast solutions that can be implemented in my app (front end: AngularJS backend: phalcon). I saw some solutions on google but want to check if some1 has nice example or idea for doing it :)

ps. I used \Phalcon\Mailer\ in app before for sending emails.

Thank you


Hi, you can copy/paste the functions from here.


edited Dec '16

Hey, I used this solutions:

  1. E-mail confirm

    • as soon as user is registered he gets flag 0 in DB in the column name confirmed
    • after that he gets e-mail with parametr $app_url?confirm=secrethash/user_login/timestamp
    • if he clicks than app validate hash, login, timestamp and puts flag to confirmed = 1
  2. Pass reminder

    • if user exists, app sends an email with analogus paramater $app_url?reset=secrethash/user_login/timestamp
    • when user clicks it, and than after proper validating of parameters, pass is reseted, and new temporarly pass is sending to him

Just more-less schema, but works fine



look at vokuro example app, it has a forgot password functionnality


Thanks every1. I got it :)