Wow! How did I miss this framework?

I've been developing with php for a while now. I've tried all main frameworks (and of course developed my own micro-framework), from Zend, CodeIgniter to Symfony. I settled on Yii for the last three years for its simplicity and performance. I am simply positively surprised by Phalcon. Please let me know how I can get involved in the project. I'll do anything.



Welcome to the club :)) . I think the first rule of getting involved is working with Phalcon and report bugs (if any). Then share your experience and try to help others understanding how it works. Cheers ;)


Thank you. I've been trying other frameworks during the last 5 days and I decided to go with Phalcon. Performance is simply awesome and the frameworks is at par (or better) than the other main projects. I developed this Shopify app: with yii and I'm working on version 2. That's why I was searching for frameworks. I was going to use NodeJs for the performance but with Phalcon I get the best of both worlds: php (the best language for server-side dev) and performance. Honestly, initially I was a bit reluctant about the framework. I've seen other frameworks claiming performance gains but the experience working with the framework was subpar in that you had to everything from scratch, I might as well use plain php. But Phalcon's MVC and ORM are so freaking good! The View layout hierarchy is genius!

I might be overexcited, it's just that it's been a lot of time since I could use other people's code without hesitation. Even the installation was smooth. The compilation process took me around 10 minutes (that's my process, not the make compilation per se). I had a little hicup loading the, but that was because I wasn't familiar with Ubuntu 13 new php modules loading system. Once I found out that I had to use php5enmod, it went straight forward. For example, when trying Laravel and Symfony I had to navigate their docs and the autoload file to figure out how to setup the folder structure or my project. I finally got Laravel after hours. I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with Symfony but I still can't make it work. With Phalcon I just followed the demo in the documentation and boom! In a matter of minutes I had a serious MVC project that's including only 4 php files! This is incredible, good job!