XDebug completely ignores the source code

My XDebug 2.2.3 for PHP 5.4.4 completely ignores the source code and breakpoints on controllers, models or views. Only the bootstrap file is working, any tip to solve this problem? Thanks

Wrong path mapping? May be only to index.php within public not the whole app directory above is mapped.

had the same problem. for me it was the path mapping. after mapping the projects root in phpstorm to the webroot on the server, including the app-path etc .. it worked.

Hi @fmor. The problem will be that your IDE loses binding for Phalcon's sources like Phalcon\Mvc\Model

Download phalcon-devtools and add appropriate folder from ide to php include-paths ..or.. Providing you're using PHPStorm you can open "Configure PHP Include Paths..." by right-clicking "External Libraries" from project's tree and add something like: /opt/github/phalcon-devtools/ide/1.3.0