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Phalcon 1.0 released!!

Friends around the world, we’re very proud and excited to announce that Phalcon 1.0 is ready for you! After more than one year of hard work and several releases, we are happy to bring you the most stable and complete version of Phalcon. We would like to extend our thanks to all in the community, contributors and enthusiasts that have been helping us materialize our dream, a new approach in PHP frameworks: creating a robust tool for building web applications while keeping the performance to a maximum!



Congratulations. When paypal link will be available? I dont trust flattr .... should I?

You should update roadmap at git wiki. Eg mail component should be moved to 1.1

Thank you all :)

The PayPal and Flattr links are available on the main site now. We just updated it :)

PayPaled dontation :) Thank you very much for your work.

Your blog isn't loading its CSS neither images (error 404).

:UPDATE:: It seems fixed now. :)


thanks, very niubi

not PayPal in tiancao


thank you, Phalcon is a really nice framework

Big thanks!