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problem in url parameters on phalcon 3.0

hi... I set title of article in url after article id for example ==> localhost/web/12/Web-design-and-development... all thing ok, but when i write other language article like arabic or persian and title contain م character. the index/index is shown!!! this problem is apear in phalcon 3 on php 5.6 and php 7.. i test it on vokour and invo project (in localhost) and have a same problem.... who can fix it?!!


Show us routes


$router = new Phalcon\Mvc\Router();

$router->add('/:action/:params', array( 'controller' => 'index', 'action' => 1, 'params' => 2 ));

$router->removeExtraSlashes(true); return $router;


I don't see language part in route. How do you pass language to the controller?

Did you escaped article titles with function encodeurl ?


yes i use urlencode...