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Should I confidently rely on PhalconPHP for heavy traffic e-commerce portal?

I'm working on an e-commerce portal written in core PHP but it has tons to garbage code and no security.

Performance is the no. 1 thing I'm worried about that's why PhalconPHP grab my attention.

My queries are:

  • Should I rely confidently on PhalconPHP for such a heavy traffic commercial web portal?
  • Does PhalconPHP team provides commercial support if needed?
  • Does micro/single/modular has any impact on performance?
  • Does PhalconPHP supports PostGres SQL (or do you recommend to stick with MySql)?

Thanks in advance. Waiting for awesome replies from Phalcon Geeks!!! Btw, our company name is also Phalcon... lol

Also, does PhalconPHP has support for any search server like Apache Solr ?


Some answers:

  1. Look at the testimonials and the projects currently running Phalcon (live projects that is) http://phalcon.io/en/testimonials https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/wiki/Powered-by-Phalcon

  2. Yes there is support http://phalcon.io/en/consulting

  3. Not to my knowledge. I have been using the modular project for API as well as web applications without having seen any performance issues.

  4. Yes PostgreSql is supported through PDO.

  5. Not natively i.e. not extending any classes to hook up with Solr. You will have to create your own classes to work with Solr.

Thanks Nikolaos! You've nicely answered my questions thus asking a couple more:

  1. How can I use Zend libraries with Phalcon? Any tutorial?

  2. How will I upgrade PhalconPHP and will there be any restart of Web Server?

  3. When version 2 (stable) of Phalcon will be released? Any estimated time?

Thanks again for your kind help!!!

  1. What do you mean zend libraries?
  2. Yes upgrading Phalcon always requires restarting of the web server. The upgrade is the same as the installation instructions (see website/download). Once you clone the github repository on your server all you have to do is run the install command from the build folder and then restart your webserver (after adding the module in the web server config). Future upgrades require you to do a git pull in the folder where you cloned Phalcon and just restart your web server.
  3. No estimation on this one yet. We still need to finish Alpha, then get Beta out etc. It will take some time.
  1. I meant libraries like Zend_pdf, Zend_mail etc... Basically these are classes. If I can use any third party library then it should be fine


Yes of course you can. You can use any library alongside with Phalcon. You will however need to initialize that library and set its autoloader to work alongside with Phalcon.

Bare in mind that you have to weigh the cost vs. benefit of every library you add. You are considering Phalcon because of its speed an functionality. Any additional library will offer functionality that Phalcon lacks or offers something that you want but there will be a performance cost.

For instance in the Phalcon benchmarks, you will see that for a simple hello world, phalcon needs to include 4 files vs. Zend's 66. That is an overhead that you need to consider.


Thanks Nikolaos! I was asking just in case I need something to add with it if not available out f the box.