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Mvc Model bug in save/update/create methods

When I try to save/update/create row, method returns true, method getMessages returns empty array, but row is not inserted/updated! I run many different tests and found that if my mysql table has field with type 'tinyint(1)' I can't save/update/create row if this field is integer, but if I change integer to string everything is inserted/updated normally! (test configuration: Ubuntu 13.04, php 5.5.6, Mysql 5.5.35, phalcon 1.2.5,1.2.6)

Field with type 'tinyint(1)' Phalcon\Mvc\Model\MetaData return '8' type number (TYPE_BOOLEAN constant in Phalcon\Db\Column), but if I change field type to int(1), smallint(1) or tinyint(2) Metadata return '0' type number (TYPE_INTEGER constant in Phalcon\Db\Column)!