webtools doesnt load css and js

Hi, I have this problem. I create an app with this command:

phalcon project phalconblog --use-config-ini --enable-webtools

the folder was created in c:\wamp64\www\phalconblog

then when I load http://localhost/phalconBlog/webtools.php it doesn't load the css and js files because in the source code says:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/webtools.css?v=3.0.4">

and therefore this points to: http://localhost/css/webtools.css not to http://localhost/phalconblog/css/webtools.css

Thanks for your help.




create them as a virtual host

hoists file dev-tools.dev

and add this host in your apache with that directory as root.

if you are too lazy to do that, just edit the files in devtools for yourself.

Hi lzo, thank you for your help, I've just created the virtual host pointing to c:/wamp64/www/phalconblog and all seems to be ok. I can load http://phalconblog/webtools.php and it actually loads with correct css and js files. When I click on Controllers > List all, I receive a message that says:

Sorry, Phalcon WebTools doesn't know where the controllers directory is. Please add the valid path for controllersDir in the application section.

The same happens with Models option

I looked at my config.ini file and it contains the following:

[database] adapter = Mysql host = localhost username = root password = secret dbname = phalconblog

[application] appDir = ../app/ controllersDir = ../app/controllers/ modelsDir = ../app/models/ migrationsDir = ../app/migrations/ viewsDir = ../app/views/ pluginsDir = ../app/plugins/ libraryDir = ../app/library/ cacheDir = ../cache/ baseUri = /

[models] metadata.adapter = "Memory"

both folders exist in my app:

C:\wamp64\www\phalconblog\app\controllers C:\wamp64\www\phalconblog\app\models

Please your help.



i dont use webtools myself. but it seems like you messed the paths or how you use them ..

i will ping Serghei in slack to assist you when he pops up