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Zephir IDE?


Does anyone have a solution for the IDE to use to work with Zephir? Does Zephir team plan working on server-size debugger module, similar to XDebug/DBG?

Even an Eclipse plugin would be nice..


There is integration with sublime text


I usually use PHPStorm


And what about remote debugging - would that be possible?

@temuri416 You can use basic syntax hightlight in phpstorm see manual https://dmtry.me/article/phpstorm_zephir_bundle/


@ovr your link return an 400 error. :(

Well, Is there some way for get autocomplete for some IDE/Editor of zephir projects?

You see, we have an internal PHP framework and we have some PHP projects over that framework, so we are evaluating rewrite our framework on zephir keeping the same api, so we don't have to touch our PHP projects over the framework. So will be nice if we get autocomplete for framework api even if is writen on zephir, is that possible? Some advice?


is there latest version of zephir ide or editor with code completion?