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Phalcon performance on Lightsail

So, I have set up a amazon lightsail $10/mo instance running ubuntu 16.04 and compiled cPhalcon on it. I loaded a single table with about 8m rows. All I am doing is just creating IndexController with a single call to ::find(). It takes about 30 seconds and then times out and postgres is doing a ton of I/O and no results ever return. Is this possibly because 8m rows is too much for cPhalcon or is this a problem with my crappy VM?

edited Feb '17

::find is telling phalcon select * from database.table and return them to me. if your sql server query timeout is too low and your 8m resultset surpases that time you get exactly what you have

use phalcon Query class and create a select statement with smaller resultset for testing say 10000 rows. i bet it will work like a charm


So if I am doing a Paginator, is there some way for me to only fetch the number of rows displayed and still maintain the functionality of the Paginator (ie: next page displays really the next 10 rows)?

Have you ever done such a large unoptimized query with any other raw PHP method? What would you get as a result? What would you actually expect from SELECT * FROM TableName;?

And evaluatiing framework with only database calls is just... nonsense to me.