You have an outdated documentation, how am I suppose to learn the framework?

So I've installed Phalcon and started reading documentation, and it gives examples about a view called index.phtml, while in my current version there's already Volt templating system used.

The bootstrap file described there is also super outdated, as Phalcon Dev-Tools place everything in /config folder and not bootstrap.php.

And it's only the beginning of my path...

I'm gonna give up on this framework for now, but I honestly suggest the devs to keep documentation up-to-date. I don't want to flood the forums with questions and wait days to get simple answers or no at all.

Hi, You have lots of way to configure your bootstrap, in documentation there are some ways. You should clone any of phalcon repo examples and read how any of this way you like. I am sure your work with phalcon be pleasure. Phalcon bootstrap files are different to show you that you can do what you want, there are no one and only right way to create bootstrap.

I noticed that the "tutorial" sample is used phalcon version 0.5.x, So clone another sample will be better .