The State of PHP MVC Frameworks in 2017

What do you think ppl about this article?

IMHO very good in terms of Microservices. But for PHP frameworks - very lame and opinionated.

Still, the Microservices architecture is something which is really appreciated in today's enterprise software market.

That article is very opinionated, which is fine because everyone has their opinions.

IMHO PHP and MVC is here to stay. Developers will use the best tools and design practices that fit well with their requirements at that time. New technology comes out that will provide a better way to do some things, but not everything.

edited Mar '17

I'd say also very opiniated. The writer obviously hasn't tried Phalcon yet :D

At the company I'm working we use Symfony, but its slow with a lot of overhead and so abstract that half of the time your trying to figure out what is where. Personally i can't really recommend using Symfony. Havent tried Laraval, I think its a bit hyped, did read some of the docs but then i came across Phalcon and i got instantly interested, whereas before I'd almost had given up on frameworks after two years of working with Symfony.

In the end it comes down to personal flavour i guess. We got an ├╝ber autist here @work that swears Symfony is the best thing around, comming from Zend