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Flat-File Auth/ACL System

I know this is a lot to ask from anyone. But if anyone here have enought time on there hands and are willing to help. Please use GitHub for this example. This would allow me to fually switch my project over to using just Phalcon. Thank you so much to anyone willing to help!

PLEASE NOTE: This must be all FLAT-FILE only. NO DATABSE.

  1. Login & Logoff (session) with HTML form (examples)
  2. Protected & Guest Pages (examples)
  3. Access Control Lists (ACL)
    • Admin (this will just be one person in this group with all access)
      • Permissions: Everything.
    • Mods (can be more then one, logged in moderators group)
      • Permissions: View, Create, Update, Delete.
    • Users (will be more then one, logged in users group)
      • Permissions: Only View. NOTHING ELSE.
    • Guests (default none logged in group)
      • Permissions: NONE. Only see Login Form or Non-Protected Pages.
  4. Registrations (This is optional, but very much apreceated.)
    • Registration Form (example)
    • with possible email verification option (if possible without database)

It can even include basic flat-file create/update/delete examples if you're up to it.


Hi and welcome,

did you already try phalcon with a simple app ?

see these example app that have everything you want except flat file user login/password

@le51, yes I did. But I forgot to include to not recommend me vokuro or invo :-) This is not what I need. But thanks.



This is not what I need

hmmm, login form, registration form, user auth, acl system, and so on ... For flat file storage, an idea could be using a file cache adapter with a forever lifetime ...


good luck

edited Mar '17

Just check docs, ACL system is flat based basically on php. You add roles, resources and what role can access.


In phalcon 3 there were added more extensive way to define your acl.