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Phalcon developer tools not working in windows 10

I am using windows 10 .i am trying to intsall developer tools when i try to access developer tools from command line it shows phalcon.php file only nothing happen.please help me this is phalcon.bat file path

@echo off

set PTOOLSPATH=C:\phalcon-devtools|php %PTOOLSPATH%phalcon.php %*

Thank you

okay ,so lets go through this together , i got mine working okay ..

  1. extract devtools to anywhere on your pc , lets say in a folder called phalcon-tools . AKA: C:\phalcon-tools
  2. open phalcon.bat and input the following:

@echo off

set PTOOLSPATH=C:\phalcon-tools\
php %PTOOLSPATH%phalcon.php %*
  1. Open system variables ( just search: system variables )
  2. Click On Environment variables , under the advanced tab
  3. Under System Variables , find Path and click Edit
  4. Click Add an then input the file path: C:\phalcon-tools
  5. Click Ok on everthing and try it out with the command promt !

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