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Acl increase speed

I profiling my web application with xhprof and see next picture:

Acl is very slowly

Who have ideas or solutions increase speed this place?

Thanks for all

edited Apr '17

Could you first post some example of acl actual code causing a problem? Looks like you have some many allow/deny and many roles which inherit themselves, this can cause it i think.

I have 10 roles 1->2->3->4->etc every inherits previous

    public function getAcl()
        $config = require PH_APP_PATH . '/config/acl.php';
        $roles = [];
        $acl = new AclList();

        /* @var UsersRoles[] $users_roles */
        $users_roles = UsersRoles::query()->orderBy('id')->execute();

        foreach ($users_roles as $users_role) {
            $roles[$users_role->role] = new Role($users_role->role);

            if (!empty($users_role->parent)) {
                $acl->addRole($users_role->role, $users_role->parent);
            } else {

        foreach ($roles as $role) {
            foreach ($config[$role->getName()] as $resource => $action) {
                $acl->addResource(new Resource($resource), $action);

                $acl->allow($role->getName(), $resource, $action);

        return $acl;
edited Apr '17

Yea but last one inherits 9 previous, second last one inherits 8 previous etc, this is why so many calls.

I would just cache this stuff with roles/roleInherits perhaps.


You definietly should use cache, check out cache usage in Vokuro ACL: https://github.com/phalcon/vokuro/blob/master/app/library/Acl/Acl.php