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How to structure a project like this?


I started a project but it seems that I need a structure like this on it because I have many Controllers and Modules and Views: https://i.stack.imgur.com/72SAX.png

I tried to structure the project but I don't know exactly how to manage this with namespaces and routes.

I have something like this in config file:

    'application' => [
        'controllersDir' => APP_PATH . '/controllers/',
        'modelsDir'      => APP_PATH . '/models/',
        'formsDir'       => APP_PATH . '/forms/',
        'viewsDir'       => APP_PATH . '/views/',
        'helperDir'      => APP_PATH . '/helper/',
        'libraryDir'     => APP_PATH . '/library/',
        'pluginsDir'     => APP_PATH . '/plugins/',
        'cacheDir'       => BASE_PATH . '/cache/',]

In loader:


    'MyApp\Models'      => $config->application->modelsDir,
    'MyApp\Controllers' => $config->application->controllersDir,
    'MyApp\Forms'       => $config->application->formsDir,
    'MyApp'             => $config->application->libraryDir


In services:

$di->set('dispatcher', function () {
    $dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
    return $dispatcher;

I see this on the internet https://github.com/phalcon/mvc/tree/master/simple-subcontrollers but I still try to understand what we need to manage the namespaces and the routes, is someone here who can explain me in a simple way easy to understand or if you have another structure as example maybe will help others not only me. What I see here it is that https://github.com/phalcon/mvc/tree/master/simple-subcontrollers every folder has a ControllerBase inside so I don't need to make for every folder a ControllerBase I don't want to make 100 ControllerBases. How to use routes and namespaces to send the information corectly to every view even if we have folders inside too.


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Pretty much you can need to specify it implicty when adding route - or setting setDefaultNamespace in router service. Though maybe in dispatcher it's enough.


Ok, let's say I will dezactivate the default routes like: $router = new Phalcon\Mvc\Router(false);

I will define the routes let's say:


$router->add('/:controller/:action', [ 'namespace' => 'MyApp\ControllersDirAdmin', / /controllers/admin/StatsController.php / 'controller' => 1 'action' => 2 ]);

$router->add('/:controller', [ 'namespace' => 'MyApp\ControllersDirAdmin', / /controllers/admin/StatsController.php / 'controller' => 1 ]);

After that how to set the view for: views/admin/stats/index.php

View has nothing to do with router or dispatcher. It will just look for controllerName/actionName.extension in view base dir.


Ok, I understand and if I will have a structure like this in views? How to send the information from controllers/admin/statsController.php to views/admin/stats/index.php so I have controller statsController and action index.

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Or when I setup the routes admin/:controller/:action then it will look for admin/controllerName/actionName.extension in view base dir.

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No, it will always look for controllerName/actionName.extension in view base dir. If you will have some more categories there then you just need to pick view by yourself. Just read docs https://docs.phalcon.io/en/3.0.2/reference/views.html#integrating-views-with-controllers everything is there :)

Just most likely you want $this->view->pick("admin/controllerName/actionName"); in action