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Hmvc for beginner

Hi! I just want to ask if there's an updated tutorial on how to use phalcon with hmvc structure. (please don't redirect me to vokuro). Thank you.

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If you use phalcon tools then you can create a basis structure but there are also project skeletons on github, see:

I hope this will help you a bit.

Thanks for your response, but im looking for HMVC tutorial.

I dont know about any tutorial, nor do i think there will be/is necessary. HMVC is a development pattern/doctrine, independent of Phalcon.

Here's a crude example: https://github.com/phalcon/mvc/tree/master/hmvc

That's all you need to know in order to create a project conforming with HMVC

People should first know whenever they actually need some design pattern or not.

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One of the good HMVC examples is the Drupal module system where an add-on module can be an almost standalone application. In Drupal 7, a large module, like the ecommerce module, can have it's own add-on modules to create a three level hierarchy.

Some Drupal themes are HMVC in that they provide administration pages to let the site administrator configure the theme. The theme becomes a subsystem instead of just a view decorator.

My current project uses Volt in a subsystem containing template creation and editing for special purpose templates. You could do the same with a generic email send subsystem attached to multiple actions across different controllers.


I read the HMVC example on github. How do you use it?

The code appears to create application as a service. Do you create multiple applications or reuse the service in some way?

As an example, suppose you have a shop with a separate stock system. You want available stock displayed in the shop pages using the stock application mixed in with the shop application. If you create two applications in $di, they share the same config, db, and every other service. Would you move some of the services from $di into the applications?