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Update primary key


Is there a way to update a primary key of a table with phalcon. I want to change a role name of my ACL roles table for example (incubator: https://github.com/phalcon/incubator/tree/master/Library/Phalcon/Acl/Adapter).

If i change the update the name (is a primary key) with my model it won't update. The SQL that is created is UPDATE acl_role SET description = ? WHERE name = ?

But I want the following: UPDATE acl_role SET description = ?, name = ? WHERE name = ?

Is this possible with Phalcon or do I need to change my acl mysql tables to use an primary id instead of a primary key of type string?


That ACL component does not have that option, if you want to contribute it please submit a PR to this repo: https://github.com/phalcon/incubator