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How to print flash sessions or flash directs like a JSON string?

hi guys,

attention to Phalcon Docs

    function () {
        $flash = new FlashDirect(
                "error"   => "alert alert-danger",
                "success" => "alert alert-success",
                "notice"  => "alert alert-info",
                "warning" => "alert alert-warning",

        return $flash;

i want to print alerts and messages like a json string :

[["success","Created Successfully"],["warning","Name may be incorrect"],...]

how can i prevent printing default html template of flashsession<div class=.... ?

edited Jun '17
class FlashJson extends \Phalcon\Flash\Direct {
    public function outputJson() {
        $json = json_encode($this->_messages);
        if($this->_implicitFlush) {
            echo $json;
        return $json;

You want to call this explicitly instead of the default in your template file.

You can also preprocess the messages here to fit your wanted structure.