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Phalcon developer tools are not working

I have installed phalcon(phalcon.dll, and developer tools) following this steps https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/wintools.html , but when I try to run phalcon create-project projectname or phalcon commands in cmd or xammp shell nothing happens. Whats the error of this please help I'm new to phalcon.


Try phalcon.bat create-project

still nothing happens here is my command C:\xammp\htdocs>phalcon.bat create-project mytest

i am using a windows 8

this is what I append on my environment variables ;C:\xammp\php;C:\phalcon-tools

here is my phalcon.bat

@echo off

set PTOOLSPATH=C:\phalcon-tools php %PTOOLSPATH%\phalcon.php %*

that is located in C:\phalcon-tools

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running the "php-v" command at the prompt it works?

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thnks for your help =D

If it helps I have this for my phalcon.bat and I can use CMD:

@echo off
set PTOOLSPATH=C:\phalcon-tools
php %PTOOLSPATH%\phalcon.php %*

That is with PHP in the Environment Variables:


Pretty much the same thing the guy said above. When you add a new environment variable you will have to restart your CMD console. I found it much easier to use a Vagrant box inside of windows myself, the setup just takes a while: https://github.com/phalcon/vagrant

Just wanted to add this, years later -- on linux it adds PTOOLSPATH in your ~/.bashrc file, You just have to change the path (if it's wrong), then source ~/.bashrc

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As for me, I changed the file format of phalcon file located here C:\phalcon-tools (displays as just phalcon file) to a .php file by opening it in a text editor and saving it as a .php file that's all. Working perfectly now.