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Phalcon and Angular 4

Hi, is posible the integration between phalcon and angular 4 (or angular 2) ?. I found a project who integrate phalcon and angular but i understand who angular is different from angular2 Thanks

Yes it is possible. Angular 4 is frontend, phalcon is backend, just like any other js frameworks and any other backend frameworks.

4? We've used A2 one year ago when it was super fresh, what happened to A3? :D

People need to understand basic concept here - no matter what front-end you'll use, you can connect it with Phalcon or any other PHP app / fw. Conception is what it matters, not numbers. So I'll say even with A10 you'll be able to use any back-end you prefer.


angular and angular/router had different version, so they bumped up angular v2 to v4 and router v3 to v4 to unify the versions .