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[Volt] How can I set "required" parameter to select

I need to validate select field in volt file. I am not sure how can I set required field like this. Could you please suggest?

{{ select("title", titles, 'using': ['id', 'name'], 'required':'required') }}

This's not working.

What you mean it is not working? Just tested with your code and required attribute is added as intended.

<select id="title" name="title" required="required">

This will use browser's built in required validation. Perhaps you wanted to ask how to validate on the server side or?

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Thanks for your reply. You mean I have to change my code from volt format to html? I have found that we have "required" parameter for text_field as below so I think select option should have it the same.

{{ text_field('name', 'required' : 'required') }}


No, I don't mean that :)

Your browser sees the required attribute, but the validation does not fail because all your options have values.

<!-- Even if you did not select an option, browser auto selects the first one and the required attribute does not trigger warning -->
<select required>
    <option value="123">Test</option>
    <option value="444">Test 2</option>

<!-- If you have empty option as first, browser will trigger the required and throw warning -->
<select required>
    <option value="">- please choose -</option>
    <option value="123">Test</option>
    <option value="444">Test 2</option>

Can you achieve the secondary with Phalcon's Volt tag helper and using DB records.... I don't think so.

You will have to either using normal {% for %} to generate the options or modify the values array to contain this blank option.

Thank you Nikolay Mihaylov for your help. :) Now, I can solve this issue. Just add useEmpty and emptyText to select option as below.

{{ select ("title", titles, 'using': ['id', 'name'], required':'required', useEmpty':'true','emptyText':'------choose------') }}

cheers :)

Heh, never used selects liek you and didnt know about useEmpty and emptyText :) Thanks, learned something new!