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Unit Testing in Phalcon 3 (upgrading from 2), DI can't find services

I'm having trouble migrating an old project from Phalcon 2 (2.0.9) to Phalcon 3 (3.1.2). The code itself seems to run ok (first look), but the unit-tests just won't work. I've been through the documentation (https://docs.phalcon.io/en/3.0.1/reference/unit-testing.html) and even rebuild my TestHelper and UnitTestCase from scratch just to make sure that everything's in place, but especially the DI-container seems to work a lot differently in Phalcon 3 compared to Phalcon 2 in the tests.

For example:

  • "parent::setUp()" needs to be run at the beginnig of "setUp()" in UnitTestCase.
  • "parent::setUp()" at the end of UnitTestCase needs to be changed to "$this->setDi($di)"
  • The config is unknown in all tests unless you explicitely use "$this->setConfig($config)" in UnitTestCase (took me hours just to figure that out).
  • It seems I need to register "request" and "response" (as shared) in my DI to run any unit-test that needs the request- or response-object. This was not necessary before. Still the tests won't work, but at least the warning that the services "request/response" are unknown went away.
  • The "modelsManager" is now unknown to the DI, also I need to register "modelsMetadata" in the DI to get the unit-tests to work. This also was not necessary with Phalcon 2.

And it still won't work (although I fixed hundreds of warnings with the above fixes), right now I'm getting the message "Phalcon\Di\Exception: Service 'filter' wasn't found in the dependency injection container" when running a unit-test which tries to validate a form using "$form->isValid($post)" which was working fine this way with Phalcon 2.

I've been struggling with this for a couple of days now and starting to plan not to upgrade to Phalcon 3 at all but to keep an old server with Phalcon 2 running for legacy projects, even though this feels like failure ... is anyone experiencing the same problems and is this really the - hard to believe - way to go to upgrade to Phalcon 3?

Here's some of my code, TestHelper:

include __DIR__ . '/../../../vendor/autoload.php';
$loader = new \Phalcon\Loader();
$loader->registerNamespaces( ... );
$di = new FactoryDefault();

UnitTestCase (for each module):

abstract class UnitTestCase extends PhalconTestCase
    public function setUp()
        $di = Di::getDefault();
        (... setting my services as well as Request/Response here...)

Do you have tearDown? As i remember by defaul there is Di::reset()? Remove this line most likely.

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Do you have tearDown? As i remember by defaul there is Di::reset()? Remove this line most likely.

I don't have tearDown() (and never had it in Phalcon 2) but added it right now: no change to the behaviour, even if I delete the line "parent::tearDown();" (where DI:reset() is called), so tearDown() won't do anything, but still the errors are the same.

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https://github.com/phalcon/incubator/blob/master/Library/Phalcon/Test/UnitTestCase.php you use this class or not?

If yes then i had exactly same problem, i just needed to comment out Di::reset() and it works fine.

When lastly running tests for my project - i had everything fine with di.

If you can't figure it out then try to use xdebug to check what happens and where Di is reseted.

Commenting out Di::reset() didn't help, I got the same errors as before, when I don't register request/response/filter (and more) by myself. Phalcon 3.2.0 even made this worse (using 3.1.2 before), the line "use Phalcon\Config;" ist missing in the UnitTestCase.php in the incubator, so the Test will try to find "Phalcon\Test\Config" which doesn't exist ...

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Oh, you are right. Good to know this.

Then use xdebug to figure out why your services are removed or why you have diffrent DI instance.

I use Phalcon 3 and when was running last time tests for my project everything was fine, but it was loooong time ago.