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Problems with online documentation

These days I have noticed that the searches that I do in Google and gives me as a reference the documentation of the phalcon site shows the error "404 Not Found".

For example: Https://docs.phalcon.io/en/3.0.0/reference/models.html

Basically all the links offered by Google show this same condition. Did you move this documentation? Regards


The documentation is being revised,

New presentation : https://docs.phalcon.io/fr/3.1/db-models


This is bad! The old doc at least should be redircted ( even a blank page with new link) to the new doc. Plus the new doc doesn't look very nice and more like an amateur site.


a little of patience ;)

Before giving a notice, leave them the time to finalize it. This sounds like a complete overhaul of the documentation

Yeah, 301 redirects would be very useful here. At least 302 to begin with.


you can use google cache during migration, it's work fine


Thanks for replacing it to a subdomain of olddocs.phalcon.io, this is much more helpful!