Phalcon Boilerplate and Devtools

Hi, i try to use devtools with Phalcon Boilerplate. When use "phalcon model XXX" or "phalcon controller xxx " i get this error:

 Error: Builder doesn't know where is the models directory.  
 Error: Please specify a controller directory.  

Inside de index.php i have a instance of Loader set with models and controllers directory.

/*================== LOADER ===================*/

$loader = new \Phalcon\Loader();
    'App' => APP_DIR . '/library/App'
    APP_DIR . '/views/',
    APP_DIR . '/controllers/',
    APP_DIR . '/models/',

The instance of Phalcon\Config receive an array per parameter. Like this :

return [

  'debug' => true,
  'hostName' => 'http://localhost/phalcon-rest-boilerplate',
  'clientHostName' => 'http://localhost/phalcon-rest-boilerplate',
  'database' => [
      'adapter'           => 'Mysql',
      'host'              => '',
      'username'          => 'root',
      'password'          => '',
      'dbname'            => 'phalcon_rest'
  'cors' => [
      'allowedOrigins'    => ['*']

At what time I tell devtools to use the controller directory. Where it is specified that devtools has to use the configuration of "database"


por que webtools me aparece en blanco

Devtools uses config / config.php to find the drivers and models directory. The boilerplate project uses two configuration files. The fastest solution is to create config / config.php and modify public / iindex.php. The optimal solution I do not know, it may be to modify the file where the config is searched. Still pending