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I want a Phalcon TShirt

Maybe it's not worth the money for anyone right now, but I really want a Phalcon T Shirt. Maybe Cafe-Press on the cheap could do it with the logo.

You guys must not even realize how awesome PhalconPHP is. I can't believe people aren't running to their managers demanding to use Phalcon. This Framework changes lives man.


"You guys must not even realize how awesome PhalconPHP is" well said !

I need one too :) i am from Egypt, will you ship it to me or will you invite me to come to get it :D


The logo is cool and it can be a good conversation piece :)

@dutthien I really love your enthusiasm and energy and all the contributions you bring to the project. However this is taking it a bit far.

The T-shirts that you designed are not from the Phalcon team. More so, the website at the back has PhalconJobs which is not a site we created or have any control of.

If you want to sell T-shirts using that site, by all means do so; but bare in mind you are riding on the "fame" of phalcon itself. So please be more specific on your posts i.e. that these are not official T-shirts so that we don't have misunderstandings/mixups in the future.



You are right so I re-create T-shirt Phalcon here https://teespring.com/phalcon-tshirt