Converting LibreOffice .odt files to HTML content is easy outside of images. Has anyone tackled the conversion?

I started with SimpleXML and hit problems. DOM had different problems. Back to XML Parser. It works. The XML is converted to a structure of XML objects then each object is converted to relevant HTML. The result is output as HTML. The result will eventually be saved as content for ongoing use as regular content.

Eventually i might compile it as Zephir. I have not yet investigated adding a Zephir bit along side Phalcon.

The .odt file contains images. The log term content requirement is to use images from an asset system. The document images will be placeholders. The .odt file contains xlink:href="Pictures/10000000000001280000010F5EB08AA1.png". I will have to work on an ODT image attribute to match up to the asset. Will be interesting.