Mapping a new Column Type: List, Set, etc

Hi guys,

Im relatively new to Phalcon in general, Im using 3.2 in combination with phalcon-cassandra to provide connectivity to Cassandra for a work project. However I've noticed that the developer of the Cassandra Adapter has not implemented some of Cassandra's unique column type features, such as Sets (Multiple unique values contained in one column). How would I go about adding this kind of functionality myself? Im not sure I fully understand how the different bindings for column types work (But I did figure out that BIND_SKIP means no implementation for this type, is that correct?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question. Any help on this would be awesome. I know I could provide a workaround for this functionality but I'd rather explore this option first.


I use my own devTool lib and just added support for enum et set type but the migration engine is not complete.
Check if that can help you :